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What is Landscape Architecture?

In short, Landscape Architecture is the design of our manmade environment along with the preservation and restoration of habitat. Understanding the relationships between buildings, sidewalks, roadways, parks, forests and home gardens is the cornerstone of good design. Our goal at David M. Jones Jr. & Associates Inc. is to create a balance that makes your life healthier, safer, and more appealing while protecting and restoring the native ecosystem.

Why hire a Landscape Architect?

Landscape Architects are registered professionals, licensed by the state to provide essential services to public jurisdictions and private enterprises, ensuring proper design, construction and enhancement of the built and natural environment.

Landscape Architects understand the work of engineers, architects and the regulatory requirements associated with them. We anticipate the physical and psychological impacts on human comfort and how they play a role in the success of any given project, no matter how large or small.

Lack of this understanding can leave you with a myriad of problems including, wrong plant in the wrong place, ongoing maintenance issues, or code citations.

By hiring a landscape architect, the client is assured a balanced, responsible, and well thought out solution. Whether you are seeking a modern, classic, artistic or native landscape, DMJA can enhance your outdoor spaces from concept to completion.

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